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Jenny McBride – If I Could Do One Thing

If I could do one thing with my life
I’d cleanse the world of cars
And watch green set fire
To the roads
Turn off every ignition
They’ve taken more lives than they’ve saved
Seal every gas cap empty
With no oil spill refill
But I can’t do one thing
I must do many
Jenny McBride
Nov. 1 1995 Earth First!

Jenny McBride – Aisles Where the Dead Sleep

You call them roads
I call them
Aisles where the dead sleep,
You call it independent freedom
I call it a casualty.
Oil and concrete
Pack quite a punch
Will quench the food chain.

Fur matted into blood bone absence
The green roadsides are emptying,
Aisles where the dead sleep
Take us from driveway to driveway.

Jenny McBride
January-February 2003 Earth First!

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