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Sparkle Plenty – The Cutting Zone

the road scar glares white in the summer heat
it sprawls, slumbering snakelike against the mountainside
forest voices hush at the warning plume of passage

silence is dispelled by the rasping whine
sentient violence voiced by machine
sawteeth blur a funeral keen
halt only at the fibrous ripping fall

on the road below senses are assaulted
the very air is saturated with a green
pinesweet astringency
hundreds of life years crash to the dust
as the Earth trembles at Her loss

(Swauk Meadow, july 30 1986)

Paloma – Highway

Invading asphalt
cuts through red hills
where songbirds perched on juniper trees
sing homage to the lowering sun
and recall not-so-ancient times
when relatives weren’t killed
by angry roaring shuttles
on gravel and tar tracks

Feathers still ruffle
on a decapitated owl
long claws partly closed
its final swoop incomplete

Logging trucks thunder by
hauling tree corpses
drenched in diesel fumes
silently wailing shadow
of a pine grove
disappears over the ridge
carried to mills
to be ground into pulp
for important matters
like disposable plates
and tissue paper

Feb. 2 1997 Earth First!
paloma_gal (at)

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