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Mavis Muller – Agave I Gave


wild agave

The sun is brilliant,

as it reflects the desert
in full bloom.
images3The sun is greedily absorbed
by my skin
as it turns brown
like the rocks on the trail.
An occasional sparkle of quartz
magnifies the sparkle in my heart.

I’m scrambling up the steep slope
rocks give way under my feet.
(Remember, don’t grab a bush for an anchor,
everything in the desert has a point!)

Then Agave touched me…
Her sharp spine engraved my thigh
with a quick design.
Blood promptly appeared to fill in
the groove.

Pain is quickly replaced with forgiveness.

She has been with me all day,
yet now it is as if i see her
for the first time.

Green succulent leaves
full of the life juice
that feeds this stalk taller than i.
The stout stem comes thrusting
out of her with perseverance
to produce the flower
that is the essence of her life.

She has been speaking to me all day,
yet now i finally hear her story.

Beside her are the remains of her past life.
the same plant, but
leaves are brown and baked,
stalk parched and leaning
seed pods dry and empty.

Yet these remains hold no less
power of expression.

The leaves once plump with the life milk
that once vitalized this final
flowering celebration of being…

Are now filled with millions
of hairlike fibers.
In my hands they become spirit threads,
a gift to the earth weaver.

Now Agave will speak through me,
if i am worthy,
Agave3in a totem basket legacy.

Let the warp be the seeds of faith.
Let the weft be the vision of triumph.

May shades of serenity
blend with the light of strength,
and the glow of fulfillment.
And may the purity of her life
be forever entwined
with the dignity of her death.

Today i became blood sister
to Agave.

And i pray that i too
may bloom
before i die.

Mavis Muller

DeaneTR – Skipping Stones


South-shore high mountain lake a perfect skipping stone still buried. This
lowly stone incubating ever since ice moved it here.
Now buried in a forest so thick shadows of every tree merge to a
Single shadow. Under it a lone plant wanting more sun for flower-seeds.
Under it lowly skipping stone wants lone plant’s reaching root.

All trees above look directly into sun and never turn away from sun. They
say they are sun, they say they don’t even know what a shadow is. They say
they can’t hear or see the wanting stone, the wanting plant… Then one day
in very bright sun a tree named “one,” not knowing why, Turns away from
sun to face and hear plant-stone wanting.

Seeing shadow for the first time “one” wonders if it’s separate?
Clouds arise, lightning strikes “one,” the whole forest dies in fire. Now
dead poles fast to sun-bleached bit by bit rotting and falling. Now
nourishing plant roots to birth stone, roots to birth seeds to cover. But
many machines arrive and drop down and take… all wood away.

Skipping stone uncovered to birth by fire burning layers above.
Skipping stone tumbling under machines dragging logs.
Skipping stone remembering trees always looking up at sun.
No matter how many tumbles stone keeps its eye on sun.
No matter how many tumbles stone can’t find lone-plant-mama-root.

Fast foreign weeds covering stone almost to womb again.
Then three children skipping stones along the shore…
Lowly stone is found, skimming, across as life and birth, flight over
water More skips than all the other stones, lowly stone sinks again, wants
again. Almost forgets and fades with its life of love under water-silt covering sky.

So too you are this turning away from freedom to birth again.
The you that is made of all sky, made of all fire, made of glacial melt Of
a tree named “one”, a plant root, a child throwing you,
All of us giving everything to you and you still forget?
Lost under a separate self of wanting? It’s time to never again forget!

Flight of skimming stone over high mountain lake not forgotten.
Never again desiring but remembering, knowing, being journey’s enjoyment.
Lowly stone arises above its own last burial. Remembering freedom from
Yearning, lowly stone is now all sky, all trees always seeing self as sun,
All awareness till we help you remember you really are free forever!

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