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Joey Racano – Krill Kids

When the sun rose up on the very first day
Krill Kidsa whale there waited to wisk us away
to a place in the sea where krill-kids roam
far away from the land, near a mountain of foam

On the first Earth night ‘neath a sliver of moon
a whale dove deep to avoid a typhoon
and the krill-kids followed him, close behind
clinging to his flukes but he did not mind

As the first week ended and the month came on
I swam to the surface but my whale was gone
I was forced to tread water and my heart skipped a beat
when I felt a sudden comfort rise beneath my feet

The comfort, of course, was the back of a whale
and I was lifted from the water like a ships main sail
I threw my head back, turned my palms to the sky,
sang the first whale song- and thought ‘How lucky am I?’

And on that very last day when a whale does breach
I hope a distant descendant meets him on the beach
with a hand-weaved basket made of fronds and kelp
and every krill-kid in the world, there and ready to help!

Jenny McBride – And I Was There

Once there was a planet
With water and sky blue
Clouds were white
With snow on the mountains
Jungles green
When every color flew by as bird
Swam through as fish
A planet breathing in a million shapes
And I was there

Seasons came and changed
Followed weather’s beaten path
Warmed in spring till flowers burst
Open for the bees
Summer fed mosquitoes and goldenrods
Autumn got trees ready for bed
And winter blanketed the sleep
Where snowshoe hares dimpled silence
A planet enraptured by its seasons
And I was there

Water ran past in rivers
Thundered in serious play with waterfalls
Hid turtles in creeks
Backed up huge and deep in lakes
Held down oceans for whales
Fell in tiny drops from all over the sky
Bubbled from the ground in clear, cool springs
Water fed the million shapes of life
And I was there

Trees blended into squirrel
And I was there
Plants gave of food
To feed the lowly who fed the next
Who raised a family
And I was there

The stars looked down, lonely
The sky danced its prettiest blue
Angels came as butterflies
It’s hard to describe
Just lucky
I was there

Jenny McBride
Feb.-Mar. 2000 Earth First!

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