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Loren Eisely – The Snowstorm


‘It is the first and last snows – especially the last –
that blind us most,’ Thoreau once said, and I wonder
what he possibly could have been thinking since snow
is always with us and keeps falling
in its proper season,
the generations accepting it without first or last
save perhaps this:
There is a single snow which a child
stores in his memory, the first
snow when he falls in a drift, the first
snow that reveals secrets
like the flake on his sleeve
always to be remembered because it brought
knowledge of crystalline perfection, infinite diversity to be tested
with his own salt tears,
the immeasurable prodigality
of the universal worlds in which we are lost,
the first and blinding snow of childhood.
The view from the farm window, the last,
IceCavewith the black guest
waiting at the door
and outside
falling and falling
across corn shocks
wheat stubble
the whiteness of the void. Lucretius must so have seen his atoms,
out of them a world. A wind whipped the flakes aside, perhaps,
a snow flurry that conceived
a farmhouse kitchen
and a stove,
made fields,
made animals,
made men.
Look, can you say I am not composed of snowflakes?
My eyes are filled with them.
They are falling faster now.
Suppose I go
outside and join them.
Could you say that I
was ever here? No, no. The first blindness is to see the ultimate minute perfection.
SnowBabyThat is the illusion of the water drop.
The second is to believe
the black guest at the door.
My friend,
there is only the blindness of a million years of snowfall,
and you and I
wraiths, wraiths, discoursing as we fall.
Do not bother to throw up the window,
snow is already blowing
the room is disassembled,
our substance,
the room’s substance, is snowflakes;
we are falling apart now,
we have re-entered
the eternal storm.

Loren Eiseley

Jerry Martien – At The Foot Of The Mountain

From an Amazon Review of Jerry Martien’s Book: “A good poet is someone who manages, in a lifetime of standing out in thurnderstorms, to be struck by lightning five or six times.” (Randall Jarrell). If ever a poet fits this description it is Jerry Martien.
Lovers of poetry will be forever indebted to Blackberry Books, an independent publisher in Maine, for preserving the musings of this northern California coastline poet.
Martien has written poetry for a quarter century and one suspects has spent his share of time in thunderstorms. That he has been struck by poetic lightning there is no doubt.
Martien writes of his apprenticeship to place, and poetry, and carpentry, and human understanding and does so in a way that it relates to anyone that will but listen, regardless of their locale.”

At The Foot Of The Mountain

Only there–where the water
comes down against rock–
knees of rock, shinbone rock, squat
on heels, rock

set across the creek from my tent
where the water comes down
against this first steep coastal rising
only there–

where water last speaks to rock
the forest
against that rock
taking every sound to its numberless song

chain saw rising, whining out of a cut, falling
thump of a log, limbed & bucked & loaded
and where it spills over rocks as if another
truck pulling back up the ridge, empty

only there–
there was no hearing it
only water and the rock where it turns

the water singing
the forest cut down

and there only rock to hear it fall.

–Upper Jacoby Creek
in Humboldt County, California

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