Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Mathew Haun – Poor Cowboy

Poor Cowboy

Well, my great granpappy was a powerful man
He knew his place in the world; he had a gun in his hand
And he braved hostile injuns and hot desert sands
so future generations could abuse public lands

So let me overgraze the ranges, don’t charge me mo fees
Gotta make big government let the poor people be
Let the whole world go hungry and I don’t care
‘Cause I’m a poor cowboy and I need welfare

Well, I ride ’em through the rain, through the snow, through the heat
And I supply 2% of our nation’s red meat
And the West is a barren land, it’s always been that way
You let me keep on grazin’, that’s how it’s gonna stay

So let me kill all the coyotes, the wolves and grizzlies
Gotta keep the world safe for democracy
But you shoot my little dogies, boy, you better beware
‘Cause I’m a poor cowboy, and I’m on welfare

I love my ma; and I love my pa
And the county commissioner, who’s my brother in law
And I believe in god and the gospel of jesus
And I’ll get off public land just as soon as hell freezes

So I’m a-ridin’ out West with my can of 1080
Where the sunshine is bright and the politics are shady
The wide West is a-waiting, I’m a-gonna get my share
‘Cause I’m a poor cowboy, and I need welfare.

Matthew Haun
September-October 2005 Earth First!

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