Saturday, 27 of August of 2016

Asante Riverwind – With Wild Wonderful Living Earth



“Terra Prima Maintenance Crew”  pen & ink by Asante Riverwind

“Below is a poem that was inspired while completing this drawing. Both will be included in one of the next books to be published in my Nature & Spirit / Dreams & Visions book series. The recently published Raven book was the first in this series, which is now up on both & Create Space. The “Armed with Visions” site looks good!” –Asante Riverwind


With Wild Wonderful Living Earth

pushed to the brink

all life imperiled

about to sink

into the abyss

of corporate profit ink

’tis naught time left

to ponder and think

while those bent on plunder

cause such a stink

Instead time to act

with fangs, paws & claws

and spare wild nature

from insatiable corporate maws

rip the hypocrisy

from behind their flawed laws

bring ruin to machines of destruction in our wild wake

across the land

an Earth First! quake shake

with tools & magic in hand

returning stolen steel

to earths rocks to heal

plug the flowing oil

far beneath strata-soil

wreck bio-tech

before it breaks life’s neck

free wage slaves

from their harmful toil

& reclaim our living future

from the corporate spoil…

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