Monday, 29 of August of 2016

Winston the Pooh – Live Wild, Or Die

We are wild, wild, wild
Even the Earth Last!ers are wild
The walls of their insulated, oh-so-tame lives
Penetrated by addictions
By wildness they cannot control
Creeping into their cages at night, in twisted, distorted forms
And pretending to set them free

But wildness domesticated into a pill
Or a bottle or a binge or a bad, bad habit
Is a sad substitute for freedom
Poor replacement for life in the flow
Ever-predictable because it alone
Makes the cage half-tolerable
And like the cage, it becomes boring beyond comprehension

Listen to your wildness calling you
Calling you home
Calling your cage an illusion
See beyond the disguise your wildness wears
Listen to its call
Undomesticate it, free it
And it will free you

It says: Howl, don’t moan
Dance, don’t stagger
Love, don’t fear
Live life, not a lie
Live wild, or die

Winston the Pooh
February-March 2001 Earth First!

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