Friday, 26 of August of 2016

Antler – Subterranean Rivuletgurgle

Two-thirds the way to the summit
High above timberline on the switchback trail
Passing incredible jumbles of huge granite rock
Pausing, panting, to rest
on a comfortable-looking
lichen-covered stone,

Somewhere below where I sit
a cheerful gurgling sound
Rivulet, rivuletgurgle,
subterranean rivuletgurgle
Oh, I think, oh
If only everyone could hear this
under all these rocks and boulders
chuckle murmur
flowing, gushing,
In the dark underground,
While brooklets above sparkle in the sun
framed by lush green grass
And yellow purple blue white red orange wildflowers
with yellow purple blue white red orange butterflies
slurping them–

No way to see you
or drink from you
(unless I return here with dynamite
and blast my way to you)
Only hear you for a few minutes
before I rise and push on up
to another monolithic mythic
13,000 foot peak and 360 degree visionary vista
I’ve never been.
Oh little gurgler below me, I suppose
you’ve been gurgling here
every hot afternoon
the last million years.
I might’ve paused for a breather
on a hundred other rocky vista spots
on Mount Audubon’s bouldery flank,
I might never’ve heard you
and still been a devout lover of creeks
and riversounds,
I might never’ve considered the reverberations
of somewhere under boulders
in the dark:
But beyond words,
Beyond thoughts and dreams,
Beyond lyrics, elegiacs, rhapsodics,
declarations, invocations, proclamations,
Before humans existed, before dinosaurs,
Ancient sounds: rain, thunder, wind, surf,
lakelapping, waterfallroar and rivuletgurgle
Subterranean rivuletgurgle–
Help us, heal us,
For you let gurgle a rivuletgurgle
that could save the world.

August-September 2000 Earth First!

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