Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Walkin’ Jim Stoltz – Bat Cave

From Legacy: Walkin’ Jim Stoltz set off on his last forever wild hike on Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. Our master troubadour and dear friend fought a heroic battle with cancer in Helena, Mont. He was 57 years old.

Walkin’ Jim is widely known throughout the United States for his unique combination of long-distance hiking, original songwriting and photography. Jim was an adventurer, artist, poet, photographer, author and environmental activist.
In the full heat of mid-day
Waiting in the brushed wall of the canyon
I found the cave
Proud of my direction
Water dripped, somewhere
In the cool dark
I wetted my cracked lips
Trying hard to swallow
Ginger steps of braille
Feeling toward that sound
Willing eyes to penetrate the void.
That’s when the cave came to life
Walls waving to a hum of nervous wings
Ceiling, a threat of bursting thousands
To fly away
Those waiting
Moving masses
Like a sound track to a scary movie
Chilling hair stood on end
As I suddenly remembered
I could probably go a while yet
Without the water.

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