Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Latif Harris – Corn Poem

From Examiner: Writer, poet and Tibetan Buddhist scholar Latif Harris, author of  Bodhisattva’s Busted Truth, is the proud editor of the highly anticipated Beatitude Golden Anniversary.

Harris has teamed up with writer, poet and Beat historian Neeli Cherkovski, author of From the Canyon Outward, who proudly served as co-editor on the Beatitude Golden Anniversary literary project.

Together, Harris and Cherkovski have brought a shiny gem to the literary world by compiling a 50th year anniversary edition of Beatitude, which was the well-respected literary journal founded in 1959 by Bob Kaufman, Allen Ginsberg, John Kelley, and William Margolis.

The corn is plowing a field of tractors
whose plumes of carbon smoke
have spread a kind of deadly pollen
on the iron soaked fields

The corn received so much genetic attention
that it became intelligent

It gained control over the insects
it gained control over the rats
the hares the horses and finally
it gained control of the tractors

The corn was plenty mad by this time
and it began harvesting the tractors

When the corn raised enough tractors
it had the tractors take it into the towns and cities
and made demands of the men and women
who were running the show

It demanded that all humans on the earth
return immediately to the sea
from whence they had come

The corn gave humans just ninety days
to get off the land

–Latif Harris (1983)

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