Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

BS – Southern Utah Sunrise


Wrapped in my sleeping bag

I watched the sun rise over the valley
Curious if any scorpions might lay by my feet

The redrock walls cast in an angelic glow
The silence of the desert surrounding me
The sand between my toes
It is easy to find religion in moments like this

In the growth of the morning the reality of heaven
would reveal itself
First in the songs of birds
Then the scent of bacon frying over an open fire
the taste of cold Mexican beer
the laughter of friends
And the coolness of the Colorado waters
enveloping my sand stained body on the way to the sea

Or so I like to believe

This is the wilderness
Things are as they should be
open, free
and full of joy

Why should the rest of the world be any different?

In the isolation of the sandstone it is easy to hold
on to such ideas

February-March 2002 Earth First!

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