Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Lucy Wells Tierney – Putt Putt Rebut

Lucy Wells Tierney

Somehow mankind devolved off-course
from Indian nature lover
to Alien sandtrap builder!
He felled live oaks with no remorse,
ancestral ones with beards of moss.
There now remains the empty plain–
a golf course fit for little carts.
Who would want to walk?
he remarks.
This teed and metal-clubbed primate,
This barren-landscape artifist,
would never hesitate
to wield his superiority complex
over Nature–with hate.
The land is not a Hell of fire or ice–
but grass–
a monoculture sprayed with poison
that liquidates the lightning bug and dandelion
Man lets run-off herbicide, with no regret,
into subterranean pure water and swamps
that fed the white egret.
This was the land where the black bear regal
rolled in honeysuckle,
made merry,
picked black berry
All observed by the flying eagle.
Lucy Wells Tierney
May-June 2000 Earth First!


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