Friday, 26 of August of 2016

Lone Wolf Circles – Re-Birth On The Columbia

The long slumber is ending,
though 11,000 years ago was just yesterday.
The gorge was finished then,
except for the Cascades slide
of Marco Polo’s time
and the Sung landscape painters
of mountains and water.

I stirred from the dream time
When Harry Truman woke
to the megaton terror
of reality writ large.

Then I also re-membered
the ethereal inexplicable,
the ineffable
Rings of Saturn.

And as the amiable ray gun announced
death valley days,
I began to rejoice in Our Lady,
to sing her praises in delight,
to dance in wild abandon,
to fuse in ecstatic union,
and to pray:

Earth is my mother/lover,
I shall not want;
She has me lie down in green meadows,
She leads me beside restful waters;
She restores my soul.
She leads me along right paths
for her name’s sake.

Even though I walk through
the valley of deep darkness,
I fear no evil;
For she is with me.

And I shall dwell in the bosom
of Earth,

Lone Wolf
November 1983 Earth First! Journal


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