Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Arrajj – Highway Has Teeth

The highway has teeth.
Its paved tongue swallows us all
As we are digested by America.
Metal fangs, rubber and rims.
Rusted bolts, chrome iron boats,
Sailing down rivers of concrete, hot tar,
Poison burger salad bars,
Motorcycles, trucks and cars,
Exhausted by exhaust.
Mesmerized, hypnotized by white lines
Divided on both sides.
We bump and glide through the
Traffic of a rolling tide.
Fuzzy bunny roadkill suicides.
Ink guts, blood and fur
Through the fog of a hazy blur.
Signs fly by, metal teeth screaming
Past my ears.
Giant chunks of metal iron ripping
Through the air.
The highway has teeth. Beware.

July-August 2004 Earth First!

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