Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Lisa Wujnovich – Albany Fracking Protest

From the Catskills, we hear the planet explode in ashen
wails, voodoo helpless against Haiti’s steaming wounds.

Here we fight the planned explosions: chemo shots
for the earth’s womb. Friends and faces: idealists, few,

stubborn, ponchoed, grizzled, wet, weighted with backpacks.
How to entice more youth to fight the gas drill and bit?

Wes, our leader, tall hemlock of a man, bearded, suited,
torn from farming by flood, misses his homestead.

Outstretched, aloft, his son calls over the gray-headed:
I speak for all the kids of the world. We want clean water!

His small fist punches the air, raises our tired voices,
pulls plugs from our ears, lifts our hands, clears our view.

Lisa Wujnovich

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