Tuesday, 30 of August of 2016

Don Ogden – Have A Nice Day

–for Mark Davis

It was another public notice
This one from the Department of Behavior
It resurrected the old merchandising expression
from the last millenium:
“Have a Nice Day”
As the accepted official salutation
among 21st Century humans.
Bear didn’t care what the notice said
But he knew human treachery
(while in captivity, such things were said cruelly).
On the street the expression was used mindlessly
by people who, when they thought about it at all,
meant “nice” as acceptable, normal, like whatever
was “good” on tv.
But, it was used by people who didn’t know
what “day” meant.
Since they still didn’t know
but thought something had saved it
They were ordered to use it once again.
Bear ate the notice
along with the officer’s lunch next to it on the seat.

D.O., Mashpee in ’93
Aug. 1 1994 Earth First!

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