Wednesday, 31 of August of 2016

Jeri McAndrews – In Dew


How much simpler is running
in a small group through
wet grass
than worrying about
being loved

With soft ears up
we run
landing from leaps
our hooves hit
a two-at-a-time cadence

We chew river willows
swallow creek wetness
blink and query did
that thing move
is it threatening us?

We do not question
the rotation
of the earth
we fold our legs beneath
ourselves in thick pine
waiting for storms to pass
we wander
we do not let the ones in
strange wrappers
come close
for we know they have
fallen from grace

Some say it was
their mouthing
back and forth
that changed

Jeri McAndrews
March 1988 Earth First!

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