Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Paulette Callen – Satyagraha

I think you can tell saints,
not by their miracles and thin faces,
but by their smiles.

St. Francis, I think, grinned
from ear to ear
at a sunbeam or a tree-frog,
at a child or a pope.

The Buddha smiled and is smiling still
from Katmandu to Riverside Drive.

The whales smile
beaming serenity in man-made-charnel seas,
diving and dancing around our bloody factory ships,
singing their mantras
while we dissect their kidnapped children,
living and loving gently
through our poisons and wastes and wars;
imprisoned, patiently playing our games;
never repaying us in kind.

They are finally winning us over.

Gandhiji would have loved it.

Paulette Callen
February 2 1989 Earth First!

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