Saturday, 27 of August of 2016

Steve Toth – Mouthpiece

The earth is fluent in life
not words
Trees don’t go around bragging
about how they make weather
You have to watch the clouds
forming above them & wonder
what’s up
There are secrets the trees keep
though their silence thunders
The earth doesn’t want the sun
to shine everywhere
so it covers itself with leaves when it rains
Love lives in the sun
Love lives in the shadows too

When you humans were being
driven from paradise
it was your own minds that did the driving
Your fall was from life
to the knowledge of life
but the plants & animals didn’t go along
They’re living in paradise still
Meanwhile the earth has learned to read
It has eyes that are reading these words
It has a mouth
right under your nose

When you cut the trees
the floods come
The water isn’t absorbed deeply
when it rains
where the trees used to be
It stays on the surface
& runs off like a thief
with the top soil
The life’s work of many a life washed out
I may be dumb
but I’m using the same words
you are
Love makes us listen
even when we don’t
know the language

Steve Toth
March-April 2003 Earth First!

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