Friday, 23 of February of 2018

Gary Mennie – Wild Things You Never See

From walking along the wooded trail,
From lounging by the gliding brook,
From pondering open skies, spacious vistas, infinite diverse habitats
Some lessons are revealed, here in the woods, where time, space,
matter and energy, have convened through ages older than
Without political parties, governments, religions, or intstitutions,
Nothing given but the pure living impulse of existence.
Here in the woods, the trees grow without credentials, bloom without
certificates, and bear fruit without diplomas,
Living within a cooperative-competitive interrelated community from
the soil to the sky,
Growing to become trees, yet offering themselves as food, homes,
or shade.
Here in the woods, animals live without money, rents, or mortgage,
without subservience to dominating leaders,
without license to work or survive,
Here, in the woods, many things are unseen, unneeded;
Never see squirrels build prisons,
Never see robins lobby for or against worm control,
Never see worms need contracts to aerate the soil,
Never see hawks bow to a skygod, or swans erect temples of
Never see fish bomb nations, or pollute waters,
Never see Mallard Ducks attempt to convert Wood Ducks to
Mallards, or start wars because of their difference,
Never see deer, chipmunks, or groundhogs with grazing permits,
or supervisors,
Never see raccoons needing therapy, or bees work for profit or
Here, from these woods, these oceans and blending ecologies,
Many clouds have formed without instruction,
Have nourished without compulsion,
Have stormed without discrimination,
Have performed without duty,
Here, in these wild, natural, self-contained biomes,
Mountains form without committees,
Rocks lack ambition without shame,
Habitats co-exist without management, without dogma, without
the need to conquer and rule the world,
But only to “Be” the world.
Here, on these lands, these oceans, these skies,
Only one beast has become far too successful at his failure to be
of this world,
To contemplate and learn from these wild things,
That which he never sees.

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