Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Art Goodtimes – Prayer To The Great Shroom

Gratitude to fungi.
Gift to the clans from the powers below ground.
The de-composers.
Breaking down chains of amino acids & fatty violin strings.
Composting dead trees & creekside kettledrums.
Orchestrating the grand symphonic wheel of life
Sparked by nature’s spore plugs of regeneration:
morels boletes polypores puffballs
stinkhorns earthstars corals & clubs
And gratitude to Fungophiles.
Throwbacks to an earlier dawn of earth dancers.
Soil singers.
Not Homo sapiens but Humus ludens.
Hunting & gathering once again
in the Lizard Head fields
& Sheep Mountain forests surrounding Telluride.
Playful mud men & mud wymyn.
Getting down dirty to dig up stipes
& dressing up crazy to parade their faith in the sacred ‘shroom.
Be it healing tonic. Gourmet treat
or deadly toxin for those who pick without respect
let us honor & praise & raise high the roofbeams
for the flavor of xerampolina.
For the aroma of matsutaki.
For the thrill of amanita.
For the tea of ling chi
& for the power, the glory & the godspeed warp of cubensis
In our minds & hearts
stomachs & synapses
so be it.

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