Sunday, 28 of August of 2016

Van Kelly – Hopeful Expectations

As a fat full moon slowly sinks into this lovely sea of trees,
my soul sings a song of thanks to my lucky stars.

I thank you Orion for passing me by for now,
and letting me come this far
in defense of Mother Earth.

Draco, only you know how much I love you
for the courage you conferred upon me
to see this battle through.
You know me better than I.

Ursa Minor, like a newborn child I cry sweet salty tears
for the fearless spirit strength you’ve give me
to stand against this greed-driven insanity.

And Cassiopeia my queen!
Now that I’ve seen you in all your glory,
I bow in humility before you,
knowing my greatest trials await me.
You’ve taught me how deeds speak louder than words.

To all of you and those unknown
who together have shown me
the power of love over money.
I live humbly in your debt, wandering free,
and like one of Chief Red Cloud’s raging warriors
thundering across the darkling plain of American corporate greed,
I hope for the best and expect the worst,
then I stop to thank my lucky stars
for teaching me the need of listening to my heart,
and of placing Earth First!

Van Kelly
Red Cloud Thunder’s Grasshopper
March-April 2000 Earth First!

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