Tuesday, 30 of August of 2016

Judy Radspinner – Birth

my first stars.
my first memories.

close by to stonehenge
cow’s cream warm
on strawberries still dewy, plucked in the dawn.

my first poem.

My parents gone off to London…

to dampen the fire in my heart
the loneliness in my child soul
standing in my crib
looking out into the night
seeing stars courting the dark
feeling them blink at me and comfort me
like a heavy blanket
woven in the mills of Glasgow
one side white wool, the other side black wool.

roses in the garden, living roses
quivering under the raindrops
reflecting the rainbow
caressing the earth
blanketed by green and
all the other colors given to us…

All the colors given, all the songs

here on earth, here on earth.

Our place of birth.

Judy Radspinner
May 1 1988 Earth First!

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