Tuesday, 30 of August of 2016

Lichen – Sacrifice

Fire rages
Northwest rain begins
Hearts ache and wait
Anger rises spirit flies
for an earth warrior
Has risen back
On the infinite wings of an eagle
With full heart he charged forth
To defend the ancient mountain of Grizzly Creek
A sanctuary of plant, creature, and spirit
Threatened by merciless greed
And disrespect for all life
Gypsy rose strong as a peaceful warrior
And this grand forest called him forth
To stand in their defense
And a tree was killed, sliced, sawed,
By a logger, by Pacific Lumber,
By Charles Hurwitz, by greed,
And that tree’s weight
The heart’s core, the years of growth rings,
The bark and wisdom Fell from the sky,
And bones of passion, bones of truth
Were offered back to the forest
Back to Mama Earth,
Her healing hands taking his broken body
Freeing his unbroken spirit

Feb.-Mar. 1999 Earth First!

To learn more of Gypsy go here.

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