Thursday, 1 of September of 2016

Darkfire – Dreaming Your Way Home

look to the language
when a nation, a people
has forgotten the dream at the root
the dream-informed song of their birth
their words are corrupt
without compassion
soft & rotten
their dreams are desolate
& night harbors special terrors
it is spoiled
it is over-ripe, yes
ripe for eating
the coyotes are eating yr dreams
where is the hearth
where is the village
where is the communal well
dreaming of three ringtail cats
javelina & bobcat
they are sharing the amber afternoon
with mule deer, antelope & bighorn sheep
they are dancing together
on the fire-touched mesa
dancing in the golden grass
it is time to go home,
where is the tribe
where is the sacred grove
where is the give-away
where the dream is strongest
we speak a language of fire
to make the day equal to the night
hands rough from working the dream
stone & juniper
the tawny winter light
golden with desert dust
& cattail pollen
we wake into a hungry dawn
June 21 1986 Earth First!

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