Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Thomas Avery – Eye Of The Storm

There must be mutiny on this ship
if we are going to make it
across these treacherous seas
through the darkness of multi-national greed.
Put our bodies on the line.
Stand in front of the machines
that stripmine the mountains
and cut down the trees.
Stand in front of the machines
that alter the course of great rivers
stopping the natural flow of water.
Stand before the beast
that threatens all life
and the lives yet to be born
the beast that has no mind
and a bottomless pit
of cold steel, the dead weight
of concrete and glowing plutonium
for a stomach
the beast of the ego mind
that sees only statistics, dollar signs
and enemies
the beast that commits genocide
in third world countries
and our homelands
the beast that exterminates people
who do not conform to its laws.
Stand in front of the dark force
of energy in the eye of the storm.

Thomas Avery
February 1984 Earth First!

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