Monday, 29 of August of 2016

Ramon – When A Tree Falls In The Forest

There is a silly zen koan which asks if a tree falling
in the forest makes any sound if nobody is within earshot.
I emailed Mom for the answer, as follows:

imagesTo: Mother Earth
From: Me

If the world’s what we just hear and see,
Then it seems that it really could be:
When a tree hits the ground
And no human’s around
All is silence. Please comment. Love, Me.

To: You
From: Mother Earth

‘Tis sad you still need to discover
All life is your sister and brother.
So when trees start to fall,
They all hear. Most of all:
I’m always nearby. Love, Your Mother

Uncle Ramon
(Nickname of Life Insurance Salesman Robert Amon, aka:Ramon, get it? US Prosecuting Attorneys insist on calling it an “alias.”)
November-December 2001 Earth First!

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