Wednesday, 24 of August of 2016

Thomas Lowe Fleischner – Springtime in the Canyons

Waking for the first time
to warm sun on skin,
flowers-in-snowthen walking thru rushing snowmelt stream,
deeper and deeper into the canyon.
Tilted beds give me access to younger, whiter rocks,
huge smooth walls rise directly above.
Morning sun on my skin, on new leaves of cottonwood.

I am bursting inside!
I am in excessive jubilance of heart
I am BURSTING wider and wider inside!!
Suddenly new green leaves pop out along my veins,
they flutter gladly in the warm breeze of my blood.
New flowers open in the blue iris of my eye.
Small yellow birds fly singing from my astonished mouth.
Good god it is spring!
It is spring in the canyons,
in the land of the rocks and grateful trees.

It is spring in the canyons
and we walk,
we walk
deeper and deeper

Thomas Lowe Fleischner
March 20 1988 Earth First!

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