Thursday, 25 of August of 2016

Craig Oare – Shortcut (Long Way To Go)


We resisted Weyerhaeuser log exports for years. We had mass arrests in opposition of Stryker shipments that support unlawful US wars. For decades we have resisted dredging of toxic soils and strived to remove the dam. Now this year we resist naturally radioactive ceramic proppants from china for fracking america. We are Olympia!!!

Wheeling in from Priest Point
to hang with hippies gray and green
at the crosstown coffee bar,
out around the angry downtown
on the Port of Oly shortcut–
and past the slaughtered body
of another holy forest,
stacked corpses of thousands of trees
laid out along the stinking mud
like a huge fleet of beached whales.
The inner eye awakens,
the inner voice begins to sing
the endless song of mourning.
Shakespeare said the show is done
when Birnham Wood’s in Dunsinane.
Lay on Macduff, lay on Greenpeace,
lay on Earth First! Lay on!

Craig Oare

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