Friday, 23 of February of 2018

Dennis Fritzinger – Walking the Star Road

walkin’ jim,
constantly traveling
through his life,
sets out.
like Coyote,
he shoots one arrow
after another
up high,
and climbs
the bridge of arrows
to the end of the star road.
he takes a step,
nervous at first,
then more sure-footedly.
the star road
stretches out, inviting.
he remembers it
from somewhere, but where?
soon he forgets
to ask such questions,
in this new adventure
he’s sure
he’ll never get tired of.

Dennis Fritzinger

Just passing along the sad news. Walkin’ Jim will be missed…

From: “Leslie Stoltz”
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 08:19:05 -0600
To: Leslie Stoltz
Subject: passing on news about Jim

Everyone, With great sadness we share with you news of Jim’s death. Jim died at midnight last night. His best friend and former wife Leslie was with him. Jim’s health status, including organ failure and extreme difficulty in breathing, deteriorated very very rapidly.

Jim’s two sisters and brother are en route to Helena . The shortness of time simply did not allow them to make travel arrangements and complete their journey before Jim died. Jim’s inordinately quick death leaves all of us somewhat stunned but such is the nature of cancer.

Jim had a great day on Friday. He laughed with those fortunate enough to spend time with him and inspired us as we looked out on a magnificent blue sky and the beautiful Big Belt Mountains . Jim loved the fellowship and deeply valued being part of our community. He was very fond of all of you and found great comfort in your company. Your warmth and welcome gave Jim the community he always wanted and found in the fellowship.

Jim was beloved by all of us and the thousands of children and others with whom he shared his deep understanding, profound respect, and unconditional love of nature.

Jim’s body is being cremated per his wishes. A memorial service involving the fellowship is in the offing. As you know, numerous tasks come with Jim’s death and will be attended to in the coming days. Of course, we will keep you apprised as things evolve.

All of you made a wonderful difference in Jim’s life as he did in ours. We know that Jim’s music and friendship will live on in our memories as we turn now to celebrating Jim’s life. Be gentle with yourselves and others.

Peg and Patrick, Leslie

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